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When you come to our Holistic Health Care Clinic, we will want to help with your health issue, but will consider it in the context of you as an individual. The essence of holistic, or “wholistic” health care is to view you as a whole person, and how your ailment is a part of you. Our wellbeing is not governed solely by our body, and what is happening in it. We have many aspects which make up us as a whole- our body, mind and spirit. When we are healthy all aspects are balanced and we are in harmony. An illness or issue indicates an imbalance in one or more area. To effectively treat a person, all aspects need to be considered, and the root cause of the complaint discovered and treated as well as the symptoms. By concentrating purely on the symptoms, immediate relief may be achieved, but long term the issue will not have been healed.

Every person is unique. Two people suffering from the same condition will react differently towards it, have different coping techniques, and favour and respond to different treatments. The clinic has a number of therapies which can be used together or separately, in order to treat you. An important part of holistic health care, is empowering you with knowledge and understanding, to ensure you are able to play a part in your own recovery. Education and advice will help your recovery, promote a healthy lifestyle and help to prevent the same problem reoccurring. You will be required to help yourself by changing the way you live and proactively aiding your recovery.

Holistic Health

Health issues are rarely straightforward. Often several issues are inter-connected and impact upon each other. For example, a sufferer of back pain may have a posture or foot problem, or a sports injury. They may be suffering high degrees of stress, feel frustration or anger, and find it hard to relax. One therapy would not be sufficient to deal with all the elements contributing to the back pain. We may advise a chiropractic treatment, a course of acupuncture, a massage, some physiotherapy and/or or hypnotherapy in order to deliver a treatment plan addressing all aspects of the problem. By having different therapies available under one roof, an individual, holistic treatment plan may be executed easily. At the same time, you will receive support and encouragement during your journey back to health and harmony. Treatment is versatile. Constant monitoring ensures that you receive the right amount of time with the therapies that will benefit you most. If you are finding great benefit from having acupuncture treatments, for example, we can tailor your treatment plan accordingly.

There are five principles which we believe and adhere to:
  • We view you as a person, and do not define you by your illness.
  • To treat effectively, the root and branches (symptoms) of the condition need to be established.
  • Education about diet and lifestyle choices is important to prevent reoccurrence of the problem. You are ultimately responsible for your own health and wellbeing.
  • We all have an innate ability to heal ourselves with help from a combination of relevant treatment and support.
  • Healing is an individual journey aided by the access to appropriate therapy.

There are a number of therapies within the Holistic Health Care Clinic, which may be considered when we formulate a treatment plan for the issue you are presenting with. Osteopathy involves treating a disorder by manipulation and massage of the skeleton and muscles. An osteopath believes, that to achieve wellness, our bones, ligaments, muscles and connective tissue need to be functioning well together. Treatment involves them using their hands to encourage joints to move correctly, and massaging soft tissue. Many conditions can be helped by osteopathy, including neck, shoulder, hip and back pain and arthritis.

Holistic Health Practitioners

Whereas osteopaths diagnose and treat problems of the skeleton and muscles, A chiropractor treats conditions by manual adjustment and manipulation of the spine. They are experienced in a range of techniques, and will select the most appropriate ones for you. Treatment can include thrusts, gentle manipulation of the spine and pulling and stretching of muscles. The aim is to restore structural alignment in the spine. Amongst the conditions a chiropractor will treat are lower back pain, headaches, osteoarthritis, neck pain and shoulder pain.

A podiatrist is trained to prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate abnormal conditions of the feet and lower limbs. The aim is to keep people mobile and active by relieving pain, treating conditions and advising you how to prevent a reoccurrence of the problem. They treat a variety of problems such as ingrown toenails, corns and calluses, verrucae, gout, sports injuries and problems with gait and posture. They can provide insoles and orthotics, and give advice concerning footwear and exercise therapy.

The discipline of physiotherapy is aimed at restoring function and movement if a patient has suffered an injury, illness or are disabled. There is a wide remit of conditions treated, encompassing the bones, muscles, joints, nervous system complaints, conditions connected to the heart and circulatory system, and lung related conditions. A physiotherapist will treat you using manual therapy (massage), give you appropriate exercises to do at home, talk to you about how to do everyday activities safely and how to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. As well as treating physical complaints such as injuries and chronic pain, physiotherapy can help with anxiety and depression by encouraging relaxation. They will also be involved in injury prevention and health maintenance programmes for individuals with long term conditions such as diabetes.

Holistic Health Practitioners

Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It involves the insertion of thin flexible needles at specific points of the body. Channels or ‘meridians’ run around our body, within which ‘qi’, our life force, flows. An illness or pain is usually a sign that the flow has been interrupted, and a blockage has occurred. Different things can cause this, such as imbalanced emotions, poor diet and lifestyle, stress, aging or environmental factors. Acupuncture clears the blockage and restores health. It is used as a therapy for many varied conditions such as back pain, joint pain, infertility, insomnia, anxiety, depression, obesity and headaches. It is often used with Chinese herbs, tui na massage, exercise therapy (qigong and tai chi) and diet therapy.

Massage is an important therapy which is part of many complementary therapies. Massage involves the manipulation of muscles, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments using hands, fingers, elbows or feet with the aim of restoring health. There are many different types of massage, from relaxing to deep tissue massage. The massage therapy used will be tailored to your needs, and dependent upon your health, problem and desired outcome. Massage enhances overall sense of wellbeing and relaxation, can help with many conditions including sleep issues, depression and anxiety, pain, rehabilitation of injuries and to enhance sporting performance.

When you come for your first consultation, we will assess you as an individual, and devise a personalised treatment plan incorporating the best, most appropriate therapies for you. For a more in-depth explanation of the therapies available, please click on the topic headings on our website.